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Comprehensive Conveyancing Correspondent Services Pretoria

Looking for a conveyancing correspondent who attends to registrations in the Pretoria Deeds Office? Look no further than Louwrens Koen Attorneys.

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 Louwrens Koen

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Conveyancing Correspondent Services Pretoria

We offer a comprehensive correspondent conveyancing departments in Pretoria. With over 25 years’ experience in correspondent conveyancing, we deliver a hassle free service to our correspondents. We offer not only the lodgement and registration of deeds in the deeds office but also ancillary services as set out in more detail hereunder. Reasonable rate structure 15%.




• The deeds office on your behalf to obtain rulings from the Registrar of Deeds
• The Surveyor General’s office for queries or to obtain copies of diagrams
• The Master’s Office to attend to your estate queries
• The Master for the submission and collection of your endorsed power of attorney




•  Assistance with property agreements
•  Prepping of your deeds before lodgment in the deeds office
•  Rectification of any errors within reason
•  We ensure that your deeds comply with the rules of the Pretoria Deeds Office
•  Arrangement of lodgment with linked conveyancing firms
•  Removal of notes where possible, once the deeds come up for preparation
•  Delivery of registered deeds via courier
•  Conducting of searches at the deeds office and surveyor general
•  Arrangement for the signature of transfer with your Pretoria clients 
•  Regular feedback on the status of your deeds in the deeds office via GhostConvey

Reasonable rate structure. Good service. We also attend to the registration of notarial bonds (where a bond is registered over movable property), bring applications for lost title deeds, conduct searches in the deeds office on registered property, draw up and register private mortgage bonds, attend to the endorsements on title deeds following a divorce or the death of a spouse married in community of property and many more.






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Your Benefits

Why choose us:

  • Reasonable fee structure

  • Various additional services

  • Regular reporting on progres

  • Prepping Service

  • Notary Public Services

  • 25 years experience

  • Ensure compliance with Pretoria Registrar rules

  • Client Signature Service

  • Arrangement with simuls

  • Remove prep notes

Your Consultants

Louwrens Koen

Attorney, Conveyancerand Notary Public

Elbe Potgieter

Senior Conveyancing Secretary