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Property Law and Conveyancing Glossary of Terms

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Home Owners Assurance

Insurance taken out to cover your property from damage caused by fire, rain, a broken geyser, etc. Afrikaans - Huiseienaar Versekering


An agreement between the customer and a bank whereby the bank lends the customer money in return for a security (mortgage bond) being registered over the property in the bank’s favour Afrikaans - Huislening


A dwelling, usually in the form of a freehold property, with a structure built on it for the use of living in it. Afrikaans - Huis

House Rules

These are the rules governing the control and management of the property in a sectional title development. Afrikaans - Huis Reëls

Householder's Insurance

Insurance against the loss of or damage to the contents or belongings of a residence. Afrikaans - Huise Eienaars Versekering

Huur Gaat Voor Koop

Lease goes before sale’ – where leased properties are sold before the lease expires, the tenant may remain in occupation of the premises until the lease expires.