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Dictionary Conveyancing Terms

Property Law and Conveyancing Glossary of Terms

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Immovable Property

Land and everything that is permanently attached to it. Afrikaans - Onroerende Eiendom

Initiation Fee

A once-off fee charged by the bank to offset the cost of opening the mortgage account. Afrikaans - Aanvangsgelde


A person who is unable to meet his debts or discharge liabilities.


The regular monthly amount that a borrower agrees to pay on an outstanding debt to a lender. Afrikaans - Paaiement


The fee charged for borrowing money. Afrikaans - Belangstelling

Interest Bearing Account

When attorneys and/or realtors hold money for clients, it is deposited into separate Interest Bearing Accounts, until these monies and interest accrued during this time have to be paid out to whom they are owed. Afrikaans - Rentedraende Rekening

Interest Rates

The percentage of a loan that a financial institution charges, which is payable monthly. Afrikaans - Rentekoerse


A money source for a lender. Afrikaans - Beleggers